5 Things To Consider When Purchasing Land

When looking to purchase land, there are different factors to consider. Things like what you would do with the property. Is it a property for farming, residential or commercial purposes?

Inuka Bofa Platinum
Inuka Bofa Platinum

The region of the property.

The region you are looking to invest in is one of the things to look out for when purchasing land. Is it an agricultural area or a commercial/business area? Also, the weather in the region is important. If you are looking for an area to farm, you might look at a place with good rainfall throughout the year. If you are interested in building a rental property, then you might look into the general outlook of the area.

Size of the property

You can’t leave out the size of the property you want. The size of the property to purchase will be dependent on your budget and needs. Also, note that your budget shouldn’t limit the property size to buy. If you are using a real estate agency, the majority of them offer financing options to their customers like paying in instalments or getting financing from a bank or Sacco.

Accessibility of the property

You can’t overlook the accessibility of the area. This includes how far the property is far from the road. Also, consider how accessible the region is to other amenities like hospitals, schools and shopping centres. 

The development of the area.

Remember to consider the development of the region. If you are looking for a commercial property, look at the structures already there or any upcoming ones. Don’t leave out the social amenities like water, electricity, etc in the area.

The price of the property

The price of the property matters when you are looking into purchasing land. Even as you do your due diligence, benchmark the properties in the region you are interested.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Land

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