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20 Reasons You Should Invest In Malindi and Kilifi

You probably have the popular understanding that land is one natural resource that is finite. Simply put, they aren’t making more of it. Buying land in Kenya can be a very tricky affair. Only recently did the Kenya Government start streamlining the land registry. Other than the fuzzy processes around land transactions in Kenya, the […]

Why Location of your Property Matters

WHY LOCATION IS SO IMPORTANT FOR INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE. Whether you are buying land for residential or commercial use, location is very important. You can change many things about your property, be it size, price or condition, but, you can’t change the location. So, let’s have a look at the reasons which make location […]

New Guidelines on Capital Gains Tax,Must Read

Capital Gains Tax: New Guidelines Tighter control KRA recently issued guidelines on Capital Gains Tax (CGT) along with the prescribed self-assessment form (CGT 1) to be used in computing capital gains on property. CGT came into force on 1 January 2015 and as per the Guidelines will be due on the 20th day of the […]

Kilifi Land Prices Go Up!

According to the Business Daily,Monday 28th June article, real estate projects have pushed the land prices up by upto 50%. This is as a result of the construction of residential and commercial projects by real estate firms in the area. for instance Centum’s subsidiary Vipingo Development is developing apartments and maisonettes, food processing factory, shopping […]

Should I buy land in Mariakani?

Mariakani, Kenya, is a town lying on the boundary of Kaloleni and Kinango districts (formerly Kilifi and Kwale respectively), Coast Province of Kenya, 36 kilometres northwest of the port city of Mombasa. Mariakani is a growing town ideal for both commercial and residential developments as it is along the Nairobi-Mombasa highway. With the ongoing expansion […]


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