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Should I buy land in Mariakani?

Mariakani, Kenya, is a town lying on the boundary of Kaloleni and Kinango districts (formerly Kilifi and Kwale respectively), Coast Province of Kenya, 36 kilometres northwest of the port city of Mombasa. Mariakani is a growing town ideal for both commercial and residential developments as it is along the Nairobi-Mombasa highway. With the ongoing expansion […]

What should i invest in?

Now as a human being in these current economic situations,we often find ourselves asking ourselves this question, maybe after stumbling into some money, a good paying job maybe even windfall earnings, now what most of us do well what i do is stumble on to Google and quickly search for investment opportunities well within my […]

Why Kilifi is becoming the county of interest

Kilifi town is one of the most underrated historical towns on the Kenyan Coast. It sits on the Estuary of River Goshi and has a population of about 122,000 people. The town lies on the creek between Mombasa and Malindi and is the capital of Kilifi County since 2010 after the merging of the Kilifi […]


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